REVIEW: In Plain Sight “The Medal of Mary”

This week on IN PLAIN SIGHT, Mary had a difficult task: keep her father safe while pretending like she didn’t care if he died.

———————————-SPOILERS BELOW—————————————–

My absolute favorite part(s) of this episode was getting some insight into Mary as a child. Her relationship with her father isn’t great (<–understatement) so getting to see a little bit of their past helped me understand more of where Mary’s coming from. She honestly didn’t care about her father at all until the safety of her family was called into question. Seeing her affection and fierce need to protect her mother and sister has always been the thing I admire most about her. The fact that she’s a little rough on the outside contrasted with her obvious love for them is such an interesting dynamic.

I love that despite seeming to mending her relationship with her father, she didn’t trust him fully. Putting the tracker in the necklace was a-freaking-brilliant! I kind of felt betrayed when he took out that EMT but you see where Mary gets he protective streak from. It’s true that they’re more alike than different. And I’m still not sure that her brother was actually killed. I’m always skeptical until I see a dead body.

So Marshall had his own daddy-issues this week. It seems that his dad is questioning his engagement to Abigail. Personally, I love the two of them together. I don’t ship Mary/Marshall as a couple AT ALL <——#unpopularopinion. I went to an IN PLAIN SIGHT panel at the PaleyCenter this week and the last question was about the possibility of a Mary/Marshall hookup in the next 2 episodes. Mary (McCormack) did say that their relationship is important part of the rest of the series but kept pretty quiet about the whole thing. Does anyone else NOT want them together? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoyed this week’s episode as much as I did. I’ll leave you with this awesome picture of MARY MCCORMACK & I šŸ™‚

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