The Legend of Korra- The Revelation

The newest episode of The Legend of Korra begins with Bolin trying to earn some money so the fire ferrets can pay for the championship pot. He gets a job working for the Triple Threat Triad but while working with them gets kidnapped by some Equalists.

Korra and Mako spend the night searching the city look for where the Equalist could have taken Bolin. The two decide to go confront protesters in the park. While waiting for protesters to arrive Korra learns more about Mako’s and Bolin’s past. They became orphans after a firebender mugged and cut down their parents. Ever since Mako has been protective and taken care of his little brother.

Morning arrives and the protesters don’t know where Bolin is but they do have flyers that contain the location of Amon’s revelation event. Korra and Mako sneak into the event and watches Amon’s revelation.

The big revelation is that he is able to take away a person’s bending permanently. Amon talks about how when he was little he and his family was attacked by a firebender. He starts to demonstrate his abilities on members of the Triple Threat Triad, which includes Bolin. Before anything can happen to Bolin, he is rescued. Korra create a cover of steam so Mako can grab Bolin and escape outside. While outside Mako and Bolin face off against some chi-blocker, Amon’s henchmen. Korra arrives and they escape from the chi-blockers.

The episode end with Korra back to Air Temple Island telling Tenzin about what she saw. Tenzin comments saying ‘The revolution is more dangerous than ever. No bender is safe’

Overall the episode was really good. The best one so far. I really liked that we learned more about Amon. It’s interesting how take away someone’s bending was the solution in the original series but now is the problem.

I also enjoyed seeing more of Mako. After last week I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. He seemed like a jerk but after this week you see that he is protective and cares a lot for his brother.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

What'd you think?