Once Upon A Time – A Land Without Magic

Once Upon A Time had a very exciting season one finale. Here is a recap.

The finale begins in fairytale world. Charming, who is imprisoned by the Queen, is taken by guards to his execution. He is able to escape with some help from the huntsman, who informs Charming about what has happen to Snow White. Once learning about Charming escape the Queen uses magic to send him to the infinite forest where he runs into Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin has an enchanted ring that will glows brighter the closer Charming gets to Snow White but won’t give it to him unless they make a deal. At first Charming refuses and tries to fight Rumpelstiltskin. A sword fighting sequence follows but when Charming agrees after Rumpelstiltskin says that they both want the same thing. Rumpelstiltskin wants Charming to help protect a bottle of true love potion ‘by putting it in a save place’. The safe place turns out to be inside a dragon form Magnificent. Charming is able to hide the potion inside the dragon and gets the ring from Rumpelstiltskin. Using the ring he finds Snow White and wakes her up with true love’s kiss. Later he proposes to her and she accepts. They also decide to take back the kingdom form their stepparents.

In Storybrook, Emma is at the hospital with Henry after he ate Regina’s poison apple turnover. The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with him. Emma is starting to believe that magic could be a possibility when she picks up the storybook and is bombard with memory as an infant in the fairytale world and realizes that Henry was right about the curse. When Regina arrives Emma confronts her about the turnover and ask her to wake him up. Regina says she can’t and she doesn’t have anymore magic but knows who might, Mr. Gold. When the two go and see him, he tells them that he does have a magic that he hid in a save place. He is referring to the true love potion inside Magnificent. He also tells them that Emma must be the one to retrieve it and gives her Charming’s sword.

Before Regina and Emma head off to retrieve the potion. Regina visits Henry at the hospital where Jefferson shows up to collect on his half of the deal that allowed Regina to get the poised apple. She claims that the deal is off since Emma didn’t eat the turnover. Jefferson gets his revenge later when he sneaks into hidden mental ward and break out Belle. He instructs her to find Mr. Gold and tell him that Regina locked her up. Meanwhile Emma pays August a quick visit. She now can see that he is turning back into a puppet. He completely turns back into a puppet but not before he tell Emma that see can save everyone if she breaks the curse.

Regina and Emma meet up again at a elevator that leads to an underground cave. Emma goes down and fights dragon form Magnificent while Regina stay above to work the elevator. As Emma is on her way up after retrieving the potion the elevator stops and Mr. Gold appears overhead and has Emma give him the potion. Once Emma climes up the elevator shaft she finds Regina bound and gagged. It turns out wanted the potion for himself. Before Emma and Regina can go after him the get a phone call from the hospital. Henry has died.

The two arrive at the hospital even though it is too late. Emma tell Henry that she loves him and gives him a kiss on the head. This kiss turn out to be true love’s kiss and brings Henry back to life as well as breaks the curse. Everyone around the hospital and the town regain their memory of fairytale world. This leads to a tearful reunion between David/Charming and Mary Margaret/Snow.

As for Mr. Gold. After he get the potion from Emma, he heads back to his shop where Belle arrives. He is shocked and tearful to see Belle alive. Even though she doesn’t remember Mr. Gold she tells him about what Regina did to her and how she was told that he would protect her. He of course will protect her. The two then head into the woods around the same Emma breaks the curse and Belle remembers Rumpelstiltskin. They exchange I love you’s but anything else can happen Mr. Gold say that there is something he must do.

They arrive at the wishing well where Mr. Gold drops the potion. A purple smoke begins to form and spread throughout the town. The smoke seem ominous because most the town seem afraid of it but Regina smirks when she sees it. The last shot of the episode and season is of the smoke covering the clock tower.


There was so much that happened in this episode and I loved it. It was nice to see the huntsman again. I was so sad when they killed him off. I really hope to see more of him next season. My guess is that next season the fairytale world storyline will focus on Snow and Charming getting back the kingdom. Maybe he could help.

I am also so glad that Emma now believes in magic. It’s one thing I have been waiting for all season. I wasn’t even expecting her to break the curse but I glad she did. We got to see a great reunions between Snow and Charming and Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Their reunions made me so happy.

All the fight scenes in this episode were pretty cool too. I really enjoyed how they juxtaposed Charming and Emma fighting dragon form Magnificent. I can’t with for next season.

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