REVIEW: Bob’s Burgers “Bad Tina”

Tina is my favorite character so sorry if I’m a little biased. I was pretty intrigued about what her version of “bad”is I mean this show doesn’t go as over the top as Family Guy (remember Meg’s Makeover)? And luckily this show has much more heart.

Valley of the Doilies.

Fair enough Tina being a fan fiction writer makes so much sense!

Who could resist this steamy collection?

Twilight, The Good Wife and Muppets are missing.

Wharf Arts Center (Ha ha Gene, I get it).

Cake (Stomp spoof with patty cake, that was hilarious).

Mmm sexy loogie.

Sit and Spinach Burger

Overreaction to a detention, God parents don’t have a crap attack. (Takes me back to my childhood).

Gene and Louise being in the room during adult conversation I am sory this is so true to life, I don’t even.

Bring your friend fiction to life! That sounds terrifying.

“Drunk” on margarita mix, even Gene and Louise aren’t idiots.

Beat her up and grab the book Tina.

Sweaty palms burger (comes with heart of palms).

Bob obsessing with Cake and on the B plot this week really works and was  fantastic.

Baker's Man, bake me a cake... asfastasyoucan! (Had to finish it)!

Dog Prom.

Enlist the siblings Tina, that’s what I would do if I were her.

Gene’s line about being Belchers from the womb to the tomb (that is my house motto now).

I love how Bob snaps out of it at the end when snapping Lyn into sense to help Tina.

Though Tina is far gone:

Long flowing hair. Love her butt touch fantasies, lol.

No Tina, I don’t know if your parents being at school trumps that reading…

Amazing episode, can’t wait to see if this means Tina and Jimmy will become a thing now…

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