I had high hopes for 1600 PENN. Which is normally a bad thing. I was obsessed with THE WEST WING and super intrigued with a comedy set in the White House. Not to mention, Jenna Elfman and Bill Pullman star at the President and First Lady.

The general premise is that the President along with his new wife live in the White House with his two youngest kids. The two older kids, a girl and a boy, live elsewhere until things get a little rough. The boy, Skip, is a perpetual screwup. He gets in trouble at college and his dad insists he returns home. Becca, the “perfect daughter” hates her new step-mom and can’t stand to be in the same room with her. They argue and bicker like children.

Overall, the Pilot had some awkwardly funny moments. as much as I want to love the show, if it doesn’t get funnier in the 2nd and 3rd episodes, I doubt I’ll keep watching. Here’s a little clip. Let me know what you think!

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