REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Bloodlines”

ALL the Flashes! God the writers on this show are just about killing me with all the new information every week.

Ominous opening, so now we’re further in the future, in the future episodes, oh dear.

Impulse is exactly how I pictured his appearance and I love how all he Flashes are for the most parts related the same way in the comics. Poor Wally though feeling a little out of place.

Gotta admire Beast Boy for trying to look menacing with the claws there.

Nightwing is definitely replacing Batman in this team. Love Impulse’s comment to Nightwing, “Such a Dick Grayson thing to do”. And the unintentional reveal of their secret identities, spoilers indeed.

Really Speedy and Cheshire had to bring baby Lian along? Child services? Lol.

Dad, Aunt Dawn? Nice part with the reveal of twins.

I get the continuation of Red Arrow and Cheshire’s plot, but where are we going with Impulse’s storyline? So I take it Cheshire and Artemis still keep in touch.

Nice to see Wally with diminished power (can’t keep up with the talking, and running) because that at least is canon. And I love how the writers make up for it by Wally knowing his science scthick.

Second amazing explosion in a week, though I think “Blackwater” still beats this one, but dang.

Oh hey there Original Flash. Nice to see there was a real reason Impulse was there.

Lian’s joy in violence was brilliant, it is genetic indeed. I love their family, just hope it stays a little more settled down now.Especialy now that Speedy’s been found, hopefully he recovers ok. Missing an arm and in a coma for about 15 years can’t be helping him out at all.

Jay Garrick’s annoyance with puns was to be expected.

This show and the broken up flashbacks, tricks me each time.

Impulse stuck in the past, fair enough but with all these Flashes, Robins and Arrows and Aqualads, it’s getting a little crowded.

The future in the future and changing each time reminds me of the Wolverine and the X-Men tv show, that was tragically cut too soon.

Overall a good episode, I like how the plot is still moving along, but throwing in these curveballs is getting me antsy. This show has yet to let me down though, so I’ll trust it.

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