The Legend of Korra ‘Turning the Tides’


The season 1 finale of the Legend of Korra airs tomorrow morning and after last week’s episode I can wait to see what happens. Here is recap of last week’s episode. The episode begins with Mako watching a sleeping Korra, who is recovering from being kidnapped by Tarlock and almost captured by Amon. While it is sweet that Mako cares for Korra, he is hurting his girlfriend Asami. She even brings it up but he avoids answering her questions.

Everyone else is worrying about Amon, who seems to be getting to his end game. Tenzin asks Lin to look after everyone while he heads to a council meeting. Equalists try to ambush Tenzin as he arrives at city hall. He is able to fight them off but learns that the other council members have been captured. Right then Amon’s airships begin bombing the city.

Tenzin heads to the police headquarters and sends a message to the General of the United Forces. After the message is sent the power goes out and a fog like substance comes through the vents. Tenzin is able to help everyone out of the building using air bending to bend the mist away from everyone. When they get outside they are surrounded by Equalist’s mega tanks. They try to fight off the tanks but it isn’t going well. Right when things look really bad Korra and the gang show up to help and they are able to defeat the mega tanks.

Meanwhile at Air Temple Island an airship attacks the island and Pema goes into labor. Lin tries to hold them off but they are too many off them for her to handle by herself. Tenzin’s kids arrive and help fight the Equalist using their air bending. By the time Tenzin, Korra, and the gang arrive the Equalist have been caught and tied up.

A sweet family moment occurs when everyone meet the baby Pema had. The cute baby boy is named Rohan. The family moment is cut short because more airship are on their way. Everyone agrees that for now they should run and wait for reinforcements.

Korra and the gang escape on Naga,the poler bear dog and head to the sewers while Tenzin, his family, and Lin fly off on the flying bison, Oggie. Two airships follow Oggie. As they catch up Lin decides to hold them off. She uses some awesome metal bending to take down one ship. As she moves onto the second ship she is captured by Equailsts. They turn around and take Lin to Amon. He takes away her bending abilities.

In the final scene we see the General of the United Forces, General Iroh, receive Tenzin’s message. His reply back is that they will be there in three days. The shot pans out to reveal a fleet of ships on their way to Republic City.

The first thing I want to talk about is General Iroh. If you haven’t seen the original series you might not have realized his significance. It looks like Iroh is a descendant of the Zuko, a character from the original series. The fact the he is voice by Dante Basco,the same voice actor for Zuko, and his name, Iroh, is the same as Zuko’s uncle points to this conclusion. Iroh’s appearance had me freaking out because as a Zuko fan is was nice have a hint of what happened to Zuko after the original series. Until now he was the only main character who we had not heard from. Iroh appearance also helped the episode have an uplifting ending after the pervious scene with Lin.

Speaking of Lin, she was incredible in this episode.She sacrificed a lot for the people she cares about. The scene when Amon takes away her bending was heartbreaking. I cried during the scene. It was great to see her use metal bending to destroy the airship. It reminded me of Toph, Lin’s mother, in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ series finale.

In fact everyone’s bending/fighting was great in this episode. It was great to see Tenzin’s kids, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, using air bending to fight the Equalist. Mako redirected the Equalist’s lighting was pretty awesome as well as Asami’s fighting. I am glad she is a non-bender who is just as powerful as the other.

I am not happy about how the triangle between Mako, Korra, and Asami is playing out. It makes Mako seem like a jerk because he is the one dating Asami but still has feelings for Korra. Poor Asami she has had to deal with a lot like her father being an Equalist. Watching her boyfriend have feelings for someone else can’t be easy. I just want this triangle storyline to end. Hopefully this well happen in the finale. I cannot wait to see what happens.

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