Jason Ritter talks PARENTHOOD and his TV obsessions

theTVsisters took a few minutes to chat with Jason Ritter about Gravity Falls, Parenthood and his TV obsessions. I already posted a portion of the interview but here’s what you can expect when Parenthood returns next week!

theTVsisters:  I was wondering if I could ask you something really quick about PARENTHOOD?

Jason Ritter: Of course!

TheTVsisters: Are you going to be coming back next season? Because it kind of seemed like you would have to.

JR: [laughter] It does kind of seem like I would have to. Yeah, that would’ve been an awkward conversation if I didn’t. Her saying, “you know he asked me and I said no and I said I never want to see you again.”

theTVsisters: [lots of laughing]

JR: Yeah, I’m really excited that they want to bring me back. I love working on that show so much. And I love all of the characters and I love how they’re exploring a relationship between a man and a woman when there’s a slight age gap. And the way that they’re exploring it. They’re not cheapening it. They’re not making it sensational and they’re not simplifying it. And so I’m just excited that we get to continue to try to work it out. Because I do feel like those two characters do have such a special connection and I hope that their anxieties and uncertainties about their futures don’t tear them apart.

theTvsisters: I hope so too! Do you have a favourite show that you’re watching right now? That you’re obsessed with?

JR: I am secretly obsessed with ‘Monster In-Laws’ on the A&E channel. I saw a preview for it on my other favorite weird obsession which is ‘Intervention’, which I can’t not watch every episode of that show. I don’t know what it is about that but I can’t stop watching.

theTVsisters: There’s something intriguing.

JR: ‘Homeland’ I really enjoy. I can’t stop watching. What else? ‘The Killing’ I enjoy. I’m catching up on ‘Breaking Bad’. I just started this year so.

theTvsisters: Just a constant list of things to watch.

JR: I know. It’s just impossible to keep up.

theTVsisters: I have the same problem.

JR: Oh, and I just bought the ‘Twin Peaks’ series. I remember watching it when it came out and not understanding anything and just walking around pretending that I understood what was going on. But now that I’m older and I can appreciate it, I wanted to go and revisit it.

Season 4 of PARENTHOOD returns on NBC September 11th at 10pm.


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