Bob’s Burgers “Ear-sy Rider”

The Emmy nominated Bob’s Burgers is back! (Sorry I feel like a Modern Family announcer and keep wanting to push the Emmy nominated angle). I love this show it’s just perfect fun for the whole family. This episode didn’t focus so much on the restaurant, but instead focused on my favorite part of the show, which is the kids. It was definitely a Louise-centric episode, which I can only take her in small doses. Luckily the writers included Gene and Tina in a smaller role but everything they said was spot-on hilarious.

Business first, the name of the other shop in the couch gag was: Annie Get Your Gum.

Two Karat Burger (Comes with Two Carrots)

Teddy’s account of hitting a snow cone and following it up with “I thought I hit a rainbow, it was terrifying” To me that line assured me that the show hit the ground running.

Shut your butts, coconuts. That’s going to be a thing now. At least in my world.

I was so like Tina and Gene when approaching hooligans, it’s best to just avoid and mosey on along.

Bob not wanting the biker’s to come into the restaurant and then the fake greeting, reminds me of my retail days so much.

Let’s just say there were a few uncomfortable glances this episode…

One-eyed Snakes seemed a little lazy for the writer’s to come up with in my opinion.

Critter describing the buttons to the kids was definitely entertaining.

Opening a beer with your boobs?! Now there’s finally a use for them, gotta learn that party trick.”Now I want them”.

Bob reluctantly putting the card up in the window, how he gets himself into these situations, I’ll never know! “So we have this now”.

So I know I’ve always identified myself closely with Liz Lemon, however it’s starting to slide into Tina’s territory. “I’m pretty good at history, but bad at math”, I know that feel, bro.

Louise losing her ears is pretty crazy and her attitude shift demonstrates it beautifully. We all knew this episode would be inevitable, just wish we managed to see her without them, but that is the magic of cartoons and tv plots wanting to be stretched thin.

In hindsight, having bunny ears as a thing is a pretty easy target, for bullies.

Say it ain’t Cilantro Burger (Doesn’t come with cilantro b/c cilantro is terrible).

I love that this show utilizes Bob so well, even though he is the main character he is off to the side in this episode and it works out beautifully because his “clueless dad’ schtick never fails to please, “Hat shopping, makes sense”.

The montage with Louise trying to get the hat was pretty standard but the one with her and the escalator cracked me up.

Go NUCLEAR! Which one?!

So CALLED that evil laugh in front of the flames, it HAD to happen it’s flippin Louise gone mad!

Not if I can’t Kelp it Burger

You don’t know my mind.

Lyn and her mother bear parenting is fairly repetitive but in this case, it happens in reality all the time with parents blaming the others kids.

Knew the birth would happen, I mean c’mon the 90’s sitcom formula is just there!

And the father being a doctor, conveniently and of course everyone forgetting their differences was pretty epic. But I think the best part was that all three mothers related and on that level all settled on no fighting. See, women could totally run the world!

Gotta say the whisky through the delivery was perfect.

Two beers for my ears!

I felt that this episode was more of a comfortable premiere. It’s not nearly as edgy as previous episodes and it was clearly to draw in more viewers. Hopefully next week we get a little more of an unpredictable episode, because that’s what Bob’s Burgers does best, delivering fresh every week!







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