FRINGE “The Origin Story” is contributing to the pile of proof that every person on this show deserves:

Last week, things got pretty bad in 2036. With the loss of Etta, everyone on FRINGE is trying to deal. Peter, Olivia and Walter each manage to have breakout scenes where we truly see the impact having Etta back in their lives had.


Walter is the fanboy in all of us. He has this heartbreaking scene with Olivia where he’s speaking for all of the FRINGE fans when he tries to convince Olivia that this is a second (really like 100th!) chance for her and Peter to be together. Add in the moment where he asks for Etta’s perfume to remember her by and it’s a wonder John Noble doesn’t have ALL THE AWARDS.


For the first time, there were hard-to-watch scenes for me in the episode: the Peter torturing the Observer ones. This is something I couldn’t picture Peter doing. But that’s the point isn’t it? The grief of losing his child (again) has driven him to this madness. I know that Peter did some morally questionable things in his life before he met Olivia but this was so harsh. I could see why Olivia was so worried. It was almost hard to recognize him. Yet another reason that Joshua Jackson deserves ALL THE AWARDS.


This has been a rough season for Olivia. She was separated from the rest of the FRINGE Team. She was trapped in Amber alone. She clearly is having some relationship issues with Peter. But the silver lining to it all was being reunited with her lost daughter…for a month. Etta dying is the last straw for her. Like she says to Walter, she’s “hanging on by a thread.” Despite her propensity for closing herself off to emotions, Walter tries to convince her that she needs to let Peter in. And after seeing Peter go slightly mad, Olivia watches an old video that reminds her of how much better they are together. The end of the episode when she decides to call Peter and tell him she loves him is yet another example of Anna Torv’s outstanding acting and why she deserves ALL THE AWARDS.

FRINGE airs Fridays at 9pm on FOX.

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