Weekend Warriors: Scandal Marathon

Hello Weekend Warriors! If you’re not in San Diego enjoying the convention, parties, and nerd sweat…never fear! This weekend’s marathon will keep you glued to your TV, forgetting all the chance run-ins with your favorite vampires, werewolves, Vulcans, and Wookies.

Get ready to tune your television to: ABC’s Scandal.

The political thriller stars Kerry Washington as beltway insider and fixer to Washington’s elite. Her crisis management firm handles cases for the high profile, the high spending, and the wronged. The show boasts 2 seasons—so far—and has recently been renewed for a 3rd. Now, in Marathon 101 I suggested avoiding hour dramas, but like Olivia Pope I’m breaking all the rules this week. The show is 43 minutes of thrill, sex, and intrigue. Each of Pope’s associates has a back-story even crazier than the next, and she is no stranger to moral corruption herself (not-so-spoiler: she’s in a love triangle…WITH THE PRESIDENT). Her scenes with the president are sweet and despite the adultery—and jealousy over Tony Goldwyn’s hotness…lucky girl—you’re always rooting for her. Kerry Washington truly performs as the strong, but flawed Pope. Her team lives and breathes for her, as payment for the feats she has previously performed for them (shown in flashbacks). The excitement of the cases they cover is peppered in perfectly with the characters’ personal affairs.

In true Shonda Rhimes fashion (a la Grey’s Anatomy), the episodes are rich with cliff hangers and twists, making this show the perfect marathon candidate. In fact, I dare you to try and NOT marathon this show. It’s almost impossible. You just HAVE to know what’s next. Luckily, all of season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix, with season 2 currently available on Hulu.

Now grab your sweatpants and stock up on snacks as you prepare for the world of Pope & Associates. It’s a Scandal Marathon!

733984_10101419215253325_513668693_nLauren Koester is a contributor to The TV Sisters and can be complimented/inquired/refuted at Lauren@TheTVSisters.com and “followed” @laurencorene.

Lauren K
Lauren Koester is a contributor to The TV Sisters and can be complimented/inquired/refuted at admin@TheTVSisters.com.

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