HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Recap: Robin Gets a Mom, Ted Gets [SPOILER]

himym s9e8I think it’s safe to say that HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has always been a show about family. I mean, the entire premise is that we are learning how Ted met the mother of his children. On Season 9, Episode 8, it’s no different.

Earlier in Season 9, we see that Robin and Barney’s mom don’t get along so well. And this week, their duel reaches epic proportions with Robin wearing her sparkly blazer she won in a poker game and trying to basically make her as mad as possible. She even says that her scrambled eggs aren’t as good as Robin’s mom’s (GASP!). We then realize how little we know about Robin’s mom.

Meanwhile, Lily is upset with Marshall for taking the judgeship and implodes when any judge-related word is said (i.e. judge, court, gavel, etc.) Her anger leads her to give Ted some awful advice about just settling with a girl who is okay rather than waiting until he finds this “perfect” girl that meets all of his requirements. So he takes the lovely Cassie (Anna Camp!) up to a romantic lighthouse only to realize that he wishes he had waited for the right girl.

Marshall’s road trip continues when he stops by Ted’s mom’s house. Ted’s hippie step-father tries conflict resolution between Marshall and Daphne. The only thing they can agree on is how crazy he is. But Daphne is able to give Marshall the confidence he needs to stop just being nice and take charge. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself! So Marshall leaves crazy step-dad on the side of the road and keeps driving to Farhampton. (And Marshall controls the music!)

Robin continues her feud with Barney’s mom until grandchildren are mentioned, leading Robin to become upset since she can’t ever have children (thanks for bringing it up!) Plus, while she’s moping about that her mom calls to say she couldn’t get on the plane because she was so scared of flying and won’t make it to the wedding. Robin’s obviously upset when Barney’s mom comes over to check on her. She gives Robin a big hug and tells her to call her mom (awwwwwwww).

As the episode draws to a close and we get closer to the wedding, we flash forward 2 years and see Ted bring the mother up to the top of the romantic lighthouse. They talk about how perfect it is, and Ted gets on one knee and proposes. She says “Yes!” and now we know how they get engaged.

The 9th and Final Season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER airs Mondays at 8pm on CBS.

How do you feel about the way they’re doing this season? It’s been months IRL but on the show, only a few hours. Will we get to see more of Ted and the mother courting back in New York? Will we see their wedding? Will Barney and Robin actually get married? Will Lily and Marshall move to Italy or stay in New York? I want all of your theories!

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