WOMAN CRUSH // Olivia Pope

Woman Crush Wednesday: Olivia Pope


The return of Scandal is here!

Look, everyone has a guilty pleasure, and I’m not afraid to admit that Scandal is mine. Every week, I slide into my white robe, grab my popcorn and a good bottle of wine, and strap in for an hour of ridiculousness.

The thing about Scandal is, that while crazy and insanely unrealistic, there is still something that draws us all back every week. (there’s no way in hell it is Huck/Quinn) For me, as much as I groan and facepalm about how terrible things have gotten, I always come back because Olivia Pope. The reason I fell in love with Scandal was that first episode of Olivia Pope talking down some Russian mobsters with a few quick words, killer attitude, and an ‘I’m not messing around’ tone. She uses her intelligence and street smarts to exude power and create fear and demand respect. Olivia Pope is the only reason we’re all begrudgingly watching Scandal, but you know what? I still think that’s a pretty good reason. And here’s why..

My favorite thing about Olivia Pope (and honestly why she is my constant #wcw) is her confidence. She is the best of the best and she knows it. Every action she takes, every word she speaks is rooted in how much she believes in herself and her abilities. Of course she has her moments of doubt, but instead of dwelling in those, she focuses on the wins. And of course she loses sometimes, but again instead of dwelling, she gets right back out there and wins the next ten. Olivia makes people believe in her and themselves because she lives and breathes her own successes. Her overall confidence makes everyone around her confident, even when she’s in a tough spot or isn’t sure of her exact next move. She knows that no matter what, she’s smart and capable enough to figure any situation out.

A great thing about Olivia’s confidence in herself is that it seems to be truly warranted. Olivia’s win record speaks for itself, especially in the first few seasons of the show. In the beginning, every single episode was a new case, a new person to fight for. In these episodes, left and right, Olivia was lifting good people up, tearing the bad ones down, helping the helpless and saving the careers of those who really deserved them. She is absolutely incredible at her job. She does it better than anyone else and that is proven and shown over and over again.

One of Olivia’s best qualities is her fight. When Olivia Pope really, truly believes in something or someone, she will fight with everything she has for it. Be that someone’s innocence or another’s guilt or for someone’s life or another’s career. Olivia is always willing to go to the mat for any of the people she loves or believes in. She’s the first one to volunteer, to take the hit, to stand up and fight when she truly believes in someone even when it costs her.

Which goes hand-in-hand with her ability to win. Olivia Pope knows what she wants and she will get it. One of the things that makes Scandal so fantastic is how ‘take no bullshit’ Olivia Pope is. She doesn’t have time for lies or secrets (at least not of her clients…) and she will find out if you’re hiding something. If she is going to the mat for someone, she’s going to know the whole truth before she does. Her ability to cut through the bs and get to the truth is what makes her a winner.

Although the show has begun to devolve more into her relationships, the most important thing about Olivia Pope is, and always will be, who she is without anyone else there. She is smart and brave and bold. She fights for herself and for others, she wins for herself and others. She operates in shades of gray, constantly struggling for some level of moral solid ground. But in the end, that’s what makes her so real and so good, don’t you think?

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