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Shows that I love, in the month of love: Veronica Mars (2004-2007)


Yesterday’s weekly WCW post was solely about the kickass Veronica Mars, so today is a #tbt post that focuses more on the entirety of the show Veronica Mars and why I think you should watch it right now. (although if we’re being real Veronica is reason #1-26349)

I could list a million reason why I think everyone on the planet needs to experience Veronica Mars. (if you think I’m exaggerating ask anyone who has ever met me… sorry friends!) BUT because I know people are busy and I’d rather you be watching the show than readings this.. I’ve condensed it down to five general reasons.

1. Teenage girls and their stories are important. I cannot emphasize this enough. Veronica Mars takes the serious, real, even taboo issues that teenage girls deal with and actually works through them. While others dismiss these, Veronica Mars recognizes that these issues are valid, are to be taken seriously and cannot just be dismissed as unimportant or acceptable. Between roofies and rape to school bullies and suicide to racism and sexism, this show doesn’t just throw in one casual episode to cover these super important things that teenagers deal with, but takes the time to really deconstruct and examine why, how, and the affects of these very real issues. These teenagers’ stories are presented as valid and important and things that viewers all ages can understand and connect to, which is a rare and beautiful thing about Veronica Mars.

2. Relationships. If you read my wcw: Veronica Mars post, you’ll see just a sliver of why I whole heartedly believe Veronica Mars is one of the best characters to have ever been created. In addition to Veronica, this show is full of many brilliantly written and carefully crafted characters. One of the most important and special thing about Veronica Mars is the different relationships the show focuses on. The main one being Veronica and her father, Keith. Arguably the best father/daughter relationship in television history, the show spends the vast majority of character time developing these two and their witty, supportive, loving, close-knit relationship. And they do an incredible job of creating and fostering an extremely real relationship that is 100% the backbone of the show.

3. It’s funny. Because the show is tackling some of the toughest and realest situations, Veronica Mars can be quite dark. But even through that, every single episode has the viewers laughing. Veronica herself is a quick witted, clever chick and almost every piece of dialogue is wrapped in hilarious layers of sarcasm and deadpan delivery. Mix that with her and her father’s pop culture laden, over the top, back-and-forth and you’re left with a smart, brilliant humor that you’ll be quoting for years to come. (trust me!) It makes the show real, while being immeasurably entertaining.

4. The mystery. I know I’ve ranted quite a lot about how smart and clever the characters on Veronica Mars are, and the same goes for the storylines. In Veronica Mars, although there are plenty of monster of the week episodes, the seasons are mainly laid out with one major mystery arch. These mysteries get solved piece by piece over the course of the season. For me, what’s so great about these big cases are how they stand up against the test of time. I have watched every episode of Veronica Mars probably a dozen times and yet, the mysteries are still great to watch every time. They’re still entertaining and fascinating and brilliant. They aren’t dumbed or watered down. They make sense and are complex, just like all of the characters involved. The mysteries are a huge part of what makes Veronica Mars such a fantastic show.

5. Veronica is baaaack!!! Another great reason to get into this show right now is that it’s back in the upswing. It’s hard to convince someone they should watch a show that started and ended almost a decade ago, I understand. BUT after the 7 year hiatus, Veronica Mars has returned! Between the Veronica Mars Movie, which came out less than a year ago (March 2014) and the new book series following directly after the movie, there is plenty happening right now. Veronica Mars is back and all around us again. It is something people are talking about again, and believe me, you want to be one of them!

If I’m being perfectly honest, I could spend the rest of my life explaining to the world why they should be watching Veronica Mars. In 2004 when someone told me they thought of me and sat me down to watch an episode of Veronica Mars, I had no idea the profound affect it would have on my life. I definitely couldn’t have imagined that more than 10 years later it’d still be one of the shows I’d be talking about.(near constantly) But here I am, and I’m so, so glad that all those years ago someone encouraged me, so now, here I am passing it along.

Veronica Mars is currently streaming on Amazon, along with the film. Check it out and thank me when you’re done!!

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