Woman Crush // Liv Moore

Rob Thomas is back!! 8 years after the (crushing, unjust) end of Veronica Mars, creator Rob Thomas has returned to our tv with a new, brainy show: iZombie. Based off a comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, the show centers around Liv Moore. Liv is your average 20 something year old. She’s working hard as a intern, aspiring to be a heart surgeon. She’s got friends, a fiance, and oh one night, she goes to a party where a zombie apocalypse breaks out and Liv gets scratched. She wakes up, gasping, in a body bag to find she’s now the undead. Perfectly normal, right?

It’s hard not to love Liv right off the bat. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s passionate. When we meet her, the girl is dramatically driving a needle into a young man’s chest, without proper authorization might I add, but with the knowledge it will save his life. Liv Moore is fearless and confident, compassionate and courageous. But after her tragic brush with death, Liv becomes aimless. She quits her internship position to work at the morgue, breaks it off with her boy, and loses all interest in the things she used to love: she’s depressed. Faced with her own non-mortality, Liv questions the reasons for doing anything anymore. One of my absolute favorite things about the show is the transformation of Liv just within the pilot. Liv is low. She doesn’t want to do anything, but honestly, she’s pretty easily convinced that she needs to go help with the police investigation of a dead Jane Doe. Because Liv is passionate, she’s compassionate and has always wanted to help people. And by the end of the episode, she figures out that she might not be able to do that in the way she had always wanted or thought, but the hope that she can do it at all is enough to keep her going. Liv picks herself back up, even in the face of her mysterious zombie afterlife. And if that doesn’t encourage you, I don’t know what will!

Liv Moore is funny and smart. I’m going to try not to compare this show to Veronica Mars constantly (I promise nothing, but I am trying alright?!) but I think everyone can agree that what works best for that show is how smart, quick, and witty Veronica Mars is. Rob Thomas writes incredible dialogue and Liv Moore is going to be another brilliant example of that. Liv quips, she scuffs, she makes puns. She has a level of lethargy in her tone, but she actually cares a lot. Liv carries the pilot with her smart and sassy narration along with her hilariously quotable one-liners. (“I was a dead, alabaster badass!” comes to mind.)

Mostly, at this point, I love so many different aspects of Liv that I can’t wait to see expanded upon in the season to come. I love that she doesn’t want to tell her friends and family about her zombie-ness because she doesn’t want to hurt them. I love that when the detective wants to give up, Liv refuses to because, after feeling this woman’s pain and fear, she says “it’s personal now”. I love Liv’s jadedness and her nativity. I love that with one glimmer of hope, she’s ready to fight for it with everything she’s got.

I love this show and this character already!! I hope you all enjoyed the pilot as much as I did. I can tell you right now, Liv Moore and iZombie are just getting started and things are going to get bigger and better from here.

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