SPOTLIGHT // We’ll Miss These Women on TV This Fall

Every spring is the saddest part of the television cycle: it’s the time when we find out what shows will and will not be coming back.  The second saddest part: the fall when we remember all of our favorite characters that won’t be coming back into our lives.  We’re losing a lot of fantastic females characters from television and I really feel the need to pay homage to these women on TV we’ll be missing this fall.

April LudgateParks & Recreation (NBC)


Photo Credit: NBC Universal

I marathoned Parks & Rec in about four weeks — in time to catch up just after the whole last season was posted, and my heart got broken so quickly.  I fell in love with Aubrey Plaza’s character a few seasons in.  To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan at the beginning but this was the perfect example of a character growing on you as the plot develops.  She was the perfect example of being quirky and yourself while growing up and functioning in society…something I struggle with on the daily.

Nurse Jackson Red Band Society (Fox)


Photo Credit: Annette Brown (Fox)

I may have been one of about four people total to watch this show, but Octavia Spencer cannot be denied for her ability to bring any character to life.  The character of Nurse Jackson was that quintessential tough-lady with a soft-spot for kids character where she wouldn’t take crap from anyone but would do absolutely anything to make sure the folks in her pediatric ward got what they needed.  She fought adversity to get to where she was, was able to stand up for what she believed, and — towards the end learned to love again.  It was a great character arc for the one season this show was around, but one I won’t be forgetting about anytime soon.

MacKenzie McHaleThe Newsroom (HBO)


Photo Credit: Melissa Moseley (HBO)

Now The Newsroom may have ended back in December 2014, but I’m still getting over the fact that it won’t be back at all in 2015.  Emily Mortimer’s character was a great example of a strong working woman, willing to sacrifice for her job to an extent but still fight for what she wanted in her personal life.  She became the person called upon to help fix issues in the newsroom, rising to the top of her field and still getting the man (but not needing the man).  Her character could have easily been a man on any other show, but Aaron Sorkin and the folks at HBO took a leap and made this lead of the crew a female, while giving male counterparts for comparison.  It was an amazing thing to watch…and I’ll never get over the fact that it’s gone after only three short seasons.

Zoe Hart and Lemon BreelandHart of Dixie (The CW)


Photo Credit: Eddy Chen (The CW Network LLC)

This duo became unexpected friends over the course of four seasons on Hart of Dixie.  Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), the doctor from the city coming to the country, started off immediately on the wrong foot by flirting with the boyfriend of Lemon Breeland (Jamie King), the graceful leading lady in the small southern town.  They were obviously going to turn into mortal small-town enemies. But seeing Zoe morph into a southern belle and seeing Lemon change into a strong woman was more entertaining than I thought it would ever be.  It made me realize that those friendships that I have with people can hit rough points but in the end, you can be civil and close one day soon in the future.

The Braverman WomenParenthood (NBC)

Photo Credit: Chris Haston (NBC Universal)

Every. Single. Woman. On. This. Show. Is. Amazingly. Perfect.  From the women born into the name to those married in, each one had traits that anyone could bond with.  There was a woman in Parenthood that every person could identify with.  They went through everything together: cancer, autism, divorce, death, birth, jobs, unemployment…and they always had a poise that the men just couldn’t find for themselves.  They were all great examples of how to handle some of the toughest situations that may occur in life, and by doing that gave you insight into what others may be going through.  They made you think past yourself.  It was perfect.

Honorable mentions: all the ladies of Community, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) from 30 Rock, and Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) from Bad Judge

Who are you going to miss the most this coming fall?  Let us know in the comments below!

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