PARENTHOOD “Stay a Little Longer” 5×12 (PHOTOS)

WORK RELATIONSHIPS COLLIDE WITH PERSONAL LIVES FOR MANY OF THE BRAVERMANS- Sarah (Lauren Graham) gets some good news about a job, which prompts Hank (Ray Romano) to question her. Crosby (Dax Shepard) opens his house to Oliver Rome (Tyson Ritter) after the band hits a breaking point and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) is less than thrilled….

PARENTHOOD “Speaking of Baggage” 5×07 (PHOTOS)

AMBER SEEKS REASSURING FROM KRISTINA AS JULIA FINDS COMFORT ELSEWHERE AND SARAH FINALLY CONFRONTS HANK IN REGARDS TO SOME INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE FOUND BY MAX- RAY ROMANO AND MATT LAURIA GUEST STAR- Kristina shares an inspirational story with Amber about her relationship with Adam while Amber’s brother, Drew, has fallen hard for his new classmate Natalie….


PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL POLITICS IMPACT THE BRAVERMAN CLAN – Sarah and Amber struggle with the wedding bell blues while Julia and Joel try to keep it all together. Kristina and Adam hit the campaign trail hard and enlist Team Braverman to go door-to-door, while Jasmine helps usher in a new era for Crosby and his…

PARENTHOOD “Let’s Be Mad Together” 5×05 (PHOTOS)

THE NEED FOR BOUNDARIES WEAVES THROUGH THE LIVES OF THE BRAVERMANS – Max’s (Max Burkholder) photography knows no bounds while Joel (Sam Jaeger) struggles for boundaries with Peet (Sonya Walger). Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) too must set boundaries with the band for the betterment of their new business. Meanwhile Julia (Erika Christensen)…

REVIEW: Parenthood Season 4 Finale

I can admit to you that I wasn’t ready for the PARENTHOOD Season 4 finale. After a depressing post-FRINGE weekend and the anticipation of a 30 ROCK Series Finale, I wasn’t ready for my other must-watch show to be leaving (even though it seems like it will likely be returning). So where would Season 4 leave…