REVIEW: Gossip Girl- “Memoirs of an Invisible Dan”

Season 5 Episode 4:This episode of Gossip Girl is definitely my favorite of the season so far.Dan's book has finally been published and it is time for him to come clean to his friends and family. He brings them all together to break the news and give them all copies,

REVIEW: Gossip Girl “Jewel of Denial”

Season 5 Episode 3:In this episode of Gossip Girl, Blair is avoiding. Avoiding the paternity test results of her baby. Dorota and Dan are worried and make a plan.Serena and Charlie arrive home and Serena invites her to stay at the Waldorf's with her.Dan buys Chuck a dog in hopes

REVIEW: Gossip Girl “The Beauty and the Feast”

Season 5 Episode 2:This episode opens with my favorite pair of people: Dorota and Blair. Their witty back and forth always gets me! Blair has decided to accompany Dorota to her OBGYN appointment and ends up hijacking it to ask her own personal pregnancy questions. And Blair finally admits out

NYCC: Nikita Panel (PHOTOS)

Full disclosure: I've never watched NIKITA. I've heard tons about it and always knew it existed but had no idea what it was even about until I watched the sizzle reel put together for NYCC. But I did understand a lot of what went on during the panel

PREVIEW: Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is one of The CW 's new shows. It's a cute fish out of water storyline. Rachel Bilson stars as Zoe Hart a young New York doctor who moves to Bluebell, Alabama.After failing to get the fellowship she wanted Zoe accepts a job from Dr. Harley Wilkes,

The Secret Circle “Pilot”

The new CW show The Secret Circle premiered Thursday. It stars Britt Robertson, as Cassie who, after her mother's death, moves in with her grandmother and learns she is a witch. The show has a dark tone similar to its lead in show, The Vampire Diaries. This isn't surprising since