ABC’s New Sunday Nights

Starting September 30th, ABC Sunday nights have a new lineup. At 8pm is the Season 2 premiere of Once Upon A Time. Followed by the Season 2 premiere of Revenge which has moved to Sunday nights. Then at 10pm is the series premiere of 666 Park Avenue. Here is a

Official poster for ‘New Girl’ and ‘Mindy Project’

During the past week Fox unveiled the official poster for  the second season of 'New Girl' and the new show 'The Mindy Project'. Both show premiere Sept 25 on Fox as part of the networks's Tuesday night comedy block. A two episode premiere of 'New Girl' begins at 8pm ET

Once Upon A Time – A Land Without Magic

Once Upon A Time had a very exciting season one finale. Here is a recap.The finale begins in fairytale world. Charming, who is imprisoned by the Queen, is taken by guards to his execution. He is able to escape with some help from the

Once Upon A Time- The Stranger

In this week's episode we learn August Booth's story. It turns out that he is Pinocchio. His story begins in Fairytale world after he has become a real boy. The Blue Fairy arrives and ask Geppetto to build the

The Legend of Korra- The Voice in the Night

This weeks episode focuses a lot on confronting Amon and the Equalists. After a majority vote, the council decides to create an anti-Equalist task force. Tarriok, the representative from the Northern water tribe, ask Korra to join. She refuses