REVIEW: Bob’s Burgers “Full Bars”

Ugh, with the past news of Community being postponed, I'm a little bummed out. NBC, you're doing it wrong! But at least there is still hilarious comedy out there like Bob's Burgers, for instance.Can't believe it's the Halloween episode already though! I should probably see if that means there's no

REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Darkest”

Sorry I'm a little late with this review of Young Justice, it's been a crazy week. But never fear readers, we got more animation action! Also Comic Con this weekend! So yay! I'll be updating on that soon.So the show opens up in Kaldur's underground cave, where he's talking with

Bob’s Burgers “Ear-sy Rider”

The Emmy nominated Bob's Burgers is back! (Sorry I feel like a Modern Family announcer and keep wanting to push the Emmy nominated angle). I love this show it's just perfect fun for the whole family. This episode didn't focus so much on the restaurant, but instead focused on my

REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Depths”

What. Just. Happened?! My head is still spinning after watching this episode. After Game of Thrones ended I thought I'd be out of a great drama to watch but damn it Greg Weisman (and team of awesome writers), you did it again.Tim Curry! Great job of expanding his role in

REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Bloodlines”

ALL the Flashes! God the writers on this show are just about killing me with all the new information every week.Ominous opening, so now we're further in the future, in the future episodes, oh dear.Impulse is exactly how I pictured his appearance and I love how all he Flashes are