REVIEW: Bob’s Burgers “Beefsquatch”

So this review is awfully late, so I'll try and keep it short.The store is Yes, Wire Hangers. Fricking brilliant.I love the morning show topics, "Looking hot when you have a cold" and "Baby Panda Footage".Tina why are you seriously my favorite character? "I've been using the toilet like an

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Valar Morghulis”

Wow, I can't believe this season has come to an end already! After all the anticipation it's like you're done with an amazing vacation and back to work. Blergh, that just double whammied me. Oh dear this season is done at the end of the review I'll update you with

REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Blackwater”

Hey guys I didn't forget, sorry I was on vacation. But I finished A Dance with Dragons over the break (holy flippin moly) and finally caught up with Game of Thrones and my goodness gravy this episode was a doozy and my brain imploded. I love how they restricted the

REVIEW: Young Justice: Invasion “Salvage”

So many emotions with this episode that I am trying to keep my fingers from typing too fast right now. Oh my goodness gravy!Wait there's an arrow, that means someone will show up, either Artemis, Green Arrow, Speedy or Roy. And it ends up being Roy who is not doing

REVIEW: Bob’s Burgers “Bad Tina”

Tina is my favorite character so sorry if I'm a little biased. I was pretty intrigued about what her version of "bad"is I mean this show doesn't go as over the top as Family Guy (remember Meg's Makeover)? And luckily this show has much more heart.Valley of the Doilies.Fair enough

REVIEW: Community “Introduction to Finality”

By this point we all know Dan Harmon's been fired from Community so literally this show will never be the same again. (Do you have any idea how many of the great episodes he had to fight tooth and nail for? Like the Dungeons and Dragons episode). So the title